This is Jacqueline Saburido. When she was 20 years old, she attended a birthday party. A friend gave her a ride home along with her three other friends, but at the same time, an 18 year old high school senior was driving home from a party after drinking a few beers. The two vehicles crashed. Two of Jacqueline’s friends were killed in the accident, the driver and a passenger.
Then the car caught fire.
Jacqueline’s feet were trapped under the seat, preventing her from escaping. Luckily, two paramedics were passing by and were flagged down by the boy driving the other car. The paramedics sprang into action and put the flames of the car out and began removing people from the car.
However, the fire restarted and Jacqueline was still trapped. In 45 seconds, a fire truck arrived and put the fire out, but a majority of the damage was done.
Jacqueline was cut from the vehicle and airlifted to a burn unit.
She suffered second and third degree burns to over 60% of her body and despite medical expectations, survived. All of her fingers had to be amputated but there was just enough bone left on her thumb to construct an opposable thumb. She lost all of her hair, her ears, nose, lips, left eyelid and almost all of her vision.
But she survived.
And if that isn’t incredible in itself, she forgave the boy who caused the crash entirely. Jacqueline is now a drunk driving advocate and allows photos of herself to be used in the media in hopes it will give someone out there second thoughts on driving home after that drink.

No, I don’t expect reblogs from this. All I want is to get this story out there for two seperate reasons.
Firstly, not everyone who is hit by a drunk driver dies, but their lives can be just as seriously changed. I know you’ll see this in the media a hundred times over, but a cab or a ride home can easily save your life or someone else’s, not just from death but from something like this.
All it takes is 45 seconds for your life to flip entirely.
Secondly, that grudge you’re currently holding, is it seriously worth it? After what a drunk driver did to Jacqueline, she forgave him without blinking. Wouldn’t you want forgiveness in that case? Even if the person doesn’t deserve it, be the better of the two of you. Rise above it.

Please have a little compassion and please, remember Jacqueline, before and after, the next time you plan to drive home from that party. Even if you go alone, you may be taking someone else out with you.

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